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Our Energy Efficiency Scheme can save you £££!

Let us help you save money on your rising fuel costs!

The Wellman Energy Efficiency Scheme can give you the recommendations that will save you money, help you become more energy efficient and help you reach new government guidlines at the same time.

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Need spare parts for your furnace?

We provide a comprehensive stock of spares for your Wellman furnace and for our associated companies, including:

  • Birlec
  • Incandescent
  • British Furnaces
  • CGE
  • Gibbons
  • Metalectric
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Manufacturer of Bespoke Furnaces & Equipment

Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning of bespoke furnaces...

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Need a boiler that fits the bill?

Wellman are world renowned as specialists in fully packaged, works assembled Steam, Hot Water, CHP and Waste heat boilers. Our project teams deliver competitively priced high quality plant room solutions which offer maximum operation efficiency and minimize energy costs.

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Can our Process Expertise help you?

Wellman offers a range of equipment able to process an expansive array of waste and raw feeds to make desirable end products. The equipment appropriate for your product depends upon certain characteristics of your feed stock.


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